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Naked Ape Naked Ape Naked Ape Naked Ape Naked Ape

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On 18, Aug 2013 | In | By Ole

Naked Ape

Naked Ape

Italian label, Naked Ape Eco Clothing, is so named to represent a natural, naked, non-polluting past, work only with natural and wholly organic fibers, certified by a long list of accredited certification bodies.

This is not a brand that does things halfway; their entire collection of denim and cotton twill  unisex pants are made from organic cotton. The full collection includes super skinny chinos and carrot tops (how the Italians refer to low crotch styles) in a wide range of neutrals, pastels and brights, including a full range of fits, cuts, washes and finishes in a down-to-earth, democratic package.

The Naked Ape organic cotton clothing range is manufactured to the most stringent ethical and environmental standards. ORGANIC COTTON, THE FACTS Organic cotton definition – what it is: cotton grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Organic cotton definition – the standards: Different levels exist, however, for cotton to be classed as organic it must be grown in soil that has been chemical-free for at least the last three years. Organic cotton definition – what it isn’t: Brown, lumpy or eco-look. Wear it with pride and spread the word.

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