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Les Indiennes Les Indiennes Les Indiennes Les Indiennes Les Indiennes

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On 11, Aug 2013 | In | By Ole

Les Indiennes

Les Indiennes

You can travel without moving. This is what we believe. But that’s not all. You can travel without even opening your eyes. Just let yourself be carried away by a scent and by the feelings it can awaken. This is what happens when you enter the world of Les Indiennes.

Smell, maybe the most primitive and surprising of all senses, will guide you along like an almost magical generator of sensations, memories and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious and all this must happen with no haste.

Because one of our mantra is “We believe in slow shopping”. We want slowness back. We want our customers to take their time to try, touch and especially smell. We want a place where they can linger and take a multi-sensorial journey, isolating themselves fro one moment from a world that goes faster and faster and tends to globalise and uniform every aspect of our lives. In short, there are things that take some time to be enjoyed and savoured.

And to be created, too. We believe in the craftsmanship of the product. This means that our products are hand made with love and passion, starting from each single essence to the design onto the packaging which is, in most cases, made of glass or recycled materials.  We would like to put in everything we do both sentiment and knowledge, art and passion, time and eternity. So just close your eyes, feel a new scent and start the journey.

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