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On 18, Aug 2013 | In | By Ole



With some of Sweden’s most skillful and interesting artists and potters behind the brand, Höganäsgruppen produces and markets modern ceramic objects with special attention to design and quality.

We believe in a local production where we can leverage on a ceramic tradition that dates back over one and a half centuries to aid us in creating new high-quality objects that honour the heritage.

Every one of our objects is made in Sweden. A completely local production brings with it numerous advantages apart from benefiting and stimulating the manufacturing tradition. Our objects are created in workshops within a couple of miles from each other, and not in industrial plants on the other side of the planet. This means we can monitor production and be present throughout an object’s development, discussing ideas and creative solutions with the artists. Then there are the obvious environmental advantages and the fact that every object that we market has been produced under fair conditions with loving care.

Design philosophy – Nothing should be taken more seriously than pleasure. We’re not afraid of expressions and we have no intention to create the next minimalistic design classic. We strive to create objects that express personalities, that speak to individuals. We still believe that our objects should be functional, but we would like it even more that they bring great pleasure to our customers, that’s what we focus on in our designs.

In an age when most everything is mass-produced at the lowest possible costs, we choose the opposite direction – Höganäsgruppen is all about the love of the craft. Every product we market has undergone careful scrutiny during it’s numerous production phases. As every piece is made by hand, each and every one has a unique character and expression, which is a quality stamp in itself. Our stoneware pieces have been burned in kilns at high temperatures (exceeding 1250 centigrade) which gives them extremely good durability, toughness and hardness. All gold overglazes are of the utmost premium quality containing the highest percentages of gold on the market, painted on by hand. Our supervision during production means we have full control over the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the high standards of quality that we wish to represent.

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